About SML

SML is a Seattle based furniture and design studio founded by husband and wife team, Sawyer and Sara. We create quality, handmade furniture, housewares, and accessories, as well as remodel and build beautiful and functional spaces.

Every item that SML produces is expertly crafted to be durable and beautiful. We believe furniture, objects, and spaces you love shouldn’t be disposable; they should be used and cherished for generations to come. That’s why, from the designs we create to the materials we select, every step of our process is meticulous and purposeful.

We make furniture and housewares for people who want to live with objects that they truly love and appreciate. We're proud of everything we make, and we're sure you'll be just as proud to own our creations.

Sara and Sawyer at SML


Sara has a passion for textiles, upholstery, and graphic design. She has an eye for the small details that make a big impact and bring a design to life. She has a background in fine arts and web design which allow her to bring a unique set of design aesthetics and problem solving skills to every project.



Sawyer approaches design with creativity, thoughtful craftsmanship, and a desire to solve problems. He holds a BA in Architecture from UW Seattle, and started SML in 2013 to pursue his love of design. He's a master of materials including wood, concrete, and metal. He believes in the timelessness of well-designed objects, and the strong connections they can create.


Our Studios

Based in Seattle's industrial SODO neighborhood, our facilities are surrounded by hard working artisans, studios, and commercial trade. We are continually inspired by the materials, landscape, and PNW lifestyles around us.

We have two studio spaces; our wood shop and our design studio where we sew, laser cut, and assemble smaller projects. If you would like to visit us please contact us to setup an appointment.