Tigerwood Deck

The project

Some of the best places of a home are outside. This deck project proved to be one of those places that our clients wanted to enjoy all the time. The former deck was not safe for the clients and needed to be redesigned because of its circulation issues. In the initial meeting, the client found the space to be cumbersome and annoying to deal with because of the poor layout. After the final finish was laid, the family informed us that the new deck had improved the way they use their home.

The process

The redesign was based on an initial interaction with the structure. It wasn't a bad design, but it wasn't a design that the client needed for their lifestyle. We took the initial concept and designed a more useful space in terms of what a deck should be. Materiality was a factor in the redesign because the client had just added a puppy to the family and durability was a big concern for the clients.

The outcome

The deck was completed in just days because we were able to quickly get a set of schematic drawings completed and submitted to the client. Once they signed off on the redesign, the project emerged much faster than the client expected which allowed them to engage with their new outdoor space just as spring was blooming. Perfect timing for enjoying the outdoors.



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