Seattle Condo Kitchen Remodel

The project

Our clients were looking to remodel their condo's kitchen on a tight budget. Their goals were to improve the overall flow and energy throughout their home, open up dead ends, create more working surface area, and bring elements of nature inside. This was no small task, but SML was able to help.

The process

SML understood that money and spacial constraints were a big factor in this project, so these areas were always considered at each step. We met onsite many times to see the space and work through plans with the clients. Once we had a game plan laid out and a design direction to follow, we demolished the entire kitchen space to start anew!

The outcome

The new kitchen is hardly recognizable from where it began. SML opened up the space by creating a large island layout with low built in cabinets. New floors, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, tile floors, drywall, and a gorgeous bamboo side wall all help transform the space. SML also provided guidance on color and material choices, helping transform our clients' home and lives.



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