SAM Table | Custom Coffee Table

A multifunctional piece for a dynamic family.

The project

Our client’s wanted to create a custom living room table as a wedding gift to each other. They asked SML to design and build something that had lots of storage space, working surface, and complimented their beautiful mid-century modern home.

The process

We created several rounds of idea sketches, followed by small scale table mockups. Once the design was settle we built a full scale model out of plywood so our clients could get a feel for the design in their home. After some slight alterations we constructed the table, complete with custom metal handles.

The outcome

No other table is quite like this one. Black limbe and winge wood, book-matched seams, two drawers, plenty of storage nooks, custom metal drawer handles, and polished to a brilliant shine with danish oil.




"This table is amazing and beautiful. Though not overly large, it has a wonderful capacity for books and coasters and playing cards and just shines in our living room! It appears to float above the floor in a very graceful way!" - Leah

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