Home Bike Studio

The project

Our clients wanted to turn their old, neglected garage into an open space for working on and storing bicycles. This bike studio needed enough space to store tools, materials, and numerous bikes, as well as provide easy entrances to get bikes in/out of.

The process

We peeled away layers of debris to unveil a structure that was ripe with possibility. SML updated the space with new windows, skylights, storage, counter tops, steel door, and tables. We re-purposed granite counter tops salvaged from a kitchen remodel, and made sure to include plenty of accessible electrical outlets.

The outcome

The finished bike studio features a shotgun style layout that easily allows bikes to pass through. The windows and skylights allow plenty of natural light to illuminate the space. Our clients now get to reclaim a piece of their home that had previously been unusable to them, and devote it to something they love!



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