Groom's Board

The project

This custom board was created as a wedding gift from the Bride to her Groom. She wanted to create a board that had personal meaning to her husband-to-be, but needed help figuring out the design as well as executing the fabrication and construction. That's where SML was able to help.

The process

We spent a lot of time up front helping our client identify traits that could be artistically displayed on a skateboard. What were some of her fiance's favorite activities? What does she associate with him? Our client decided to incorporate her fiance's love of basketball onto the board. We helped her prototype the board with plywood and the laser cutter before creating the final piece.

The outcome

The outcome was a unique and personalized board. The final art work featured a basketball shoe design etched into the poplar board, and her fiance's initials laser cut into the grip tape. The newly married couple can now ride together in style and love!



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