What does “SML” stand for?

SML’s founder, Sawyer, began the business in 2013 as "Sawyer Maker Lab." Once other designers joined the team, the name shortened to just the initials we use today. "SML" now stands for small, medium, large which encompasses the wide variety of products and services we offer.

Do you have a store front or showroom?

Our small-scale operation in South Seattle serves as our primary workshop/studio. While we don’t have a formal store front or showroom, we welcome guests by appointment to view our shop and current projects. If you would like to schedule an appointment please email us at hello@designbysml.com

Can I customize an item?

Yes! We love opportunities to work with clients and help bring their creative ideas to life. We have had the pleasure of working on many custom pieces in the past. Take a look at our Custom Projects page for some examples, then email us at hello@designbysml.com to get started.

Where do you source your materials?

Whenever possible our materials are sourced locally, either from area businesses, or by up-cycling scrap materials from our own projects. The majority of our materials come from American companies and suppliers.