Craftsman Porch Remodel

The project

This beautiful, early 1900s Craftsman house is full of character and charm, but the original porch wasn't aging as gracefully as the rest of the home. SML was tasked with designing and creating a porch that utilized as much of the original framework as possible, while maintaining visual cohesion with it's surroundings, adding some much needed stability, and creating a welcoming space for everyone to relax.

The process

SML stripped away the old porch down to its framework. There was a significant amount of decay in some crucial support beams, so we made the new porch extra strong and waterproof to withstand the rainy Seattle weather. With a sturdy base in place, we turned our focus into creating a beautiful entrance that would welcome neighbors to sit and chat, and provide a comfortable outdoor shelter any time of year.

The outcome

The new porch is warm and welcoming, sturdy and grand. We opted for cedar shingles over the former aluminum siding for its beauty, durability, and sustainability. The stairs, floors, and railings are all Ipe - a super dense and rich colored wood - which will last indefinitely and age elegantly. The railing tops are wide and sturdy for extra seating surfaces. The "X" patterns along the wall faces compliment similar motifs found around the home and garage, and help visually tie everything together.



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