About SML

SML is an American design house in Seattle, WA. We believe in the importance of local design and quality craftsmanship, which is reflected in every product we make. From wooden knife-holders to leather notebooks, from modern furniture to custom kitchens, our designers and makers strive to create and build timeless products that you will be proud to own for years to come.

More About Us

SML has over a decade of experience in all aspects of design, construction and fabrication, and can help you with any project. SML offers design and home improvement services, laser cutting services, and products to improve your life.

What Does SML Mean?

SML signifies the scale of work we produce:

S (Small): Components, hardware, industrial design, objects.

M (Medium): Furniture, storage, workspaces, installations.

L (Large): Residential and small commercial architecture, structures, remodels.

Our Designers

SML is a diverse team of designers and makers. We are wood enthusiasts. Metal artists. Knitters. Dog lovers. Graphic designers. Printer makers. Life-long skateboarders. Want to join us? Drop us a line, we are always interested in hearing about your projects and ideas!

We're Proud to Work With: