Pacific Northwest Inspiration

We are so inspired by our surroundings. The Pacific Northwest is our home. We are lucky enough that we can look in a 360˚ view and see mountains, water, oceans, rivers, and city. We are proud to call Seattle home and we have taken our style from these very surroundings. We want to repurpose old designs and create new ones that fit both changing customer styles and their needs. How can you not be inspired by these landscapes around you? But all of these changes have got us in full production mode in the lab. Creative juices are at an ultimate high in the wood shop. It could be the summer time vibes or being out at the summer street fairs around Seattle, but SML is finding its flow. Most of our new products draw inspiration from PNW icons all around us and feature topography of our favorite mountains, Rainier, Shasta, Hood, Bachelor, and Adams. Check out the wall mounted bottle opener, the mountain skateboard line we just dropped, the leather Field Notes covers, and the leather coaster set to see more of these awesome patterns. The sawdust piles, leather cut outs, and other crazy messes we clean up every day means there is so much creation happening and that is really exciting. We are not only designing new products but we are tearing apart old ones that we love in order to renew and reinvent. We are designing for a purpose and we want YOU to be a part of that. Come see us at the Seattle markets to meet the designers and get your hands on all of the newest products.