The Story of the SAM Table

The SAM Table looks like a mild-mannered mid-century modern coffee table but don't be fooled, it's so much more than that. SML was asked to create a unique coffee table that would provide plenty of space to tuck away and store various papers, books, craft supplies, and kid stuff. It was also important to maintain an aesthetic that matched the sleek mid-century style of our client's home. Challenge accepted.


We worked closely with our client, sharing sketches, inspiration, and wood samples. We even built tiny table mockups to help share our vision.One of the most inspiring pieces of this process was the way our clients involved their 4 year old son in the design by soliciting his opinions on layout and wood types. The table is even named after him!


Design and build

Once the design was locked it was time to bring it all together. The SAM Table's top and bottom planes are built from Black Limba, a western African wood species known for its exquisite tonal qualities. Neat fact, Black Wenge is the wood many luthiers use to build electric guitar bodies. The darker wood used for the single drawer is called Wenge (pronounced WHEN-ghay). Also from Africa, this wood has a very course, straight grain and is extremely dense. Very dark, durable, and unquestionably beautiful, it creates excellent contrast in this table. The metal legs and pulls are brushed steel created custom for this project. Designed on a napkin, modeled in Rhino, and fabricated in a boiler room, we think they make a nice finish to this elegant table.


End Result

The end result is a beautiful and functional table that both our clients and proud to showcase in their home, and we're proud to share in our portfolio.